The 168 Hour Work Week

Antoine Vernois - The 168-hour work week from NEWCRAFTS Conferences on Vimeo.

  • Happiness driven
  • Freelancer
  • Happiness at work - what about the rest of the time?
  • Il se sont associés à 2-3
  • Quelle est la limite entre le travail et la vie perso? Ce que je fais dans la vie perso
  • Only billed 45 days to clients
  • Life made of choices : no specific routine
    • Doesn’t know where he will work in the morning
      • Co-working space? no! it’s usually traditionnal open space
  • Where do I meet my clients when I have no office
    • The rest of the world can be your office!
    • You can change you office everyday if you can!
    • Train is a great office
    • You can even go into the nature! Just a place with enough shadow :)
  • Wake up?
    • I wake up when I wake up
    • If you enjoy what you do, you wake up right on time
    • If I need an alarm clock to meet my clients, I have to talk to them and maybe change the way we are working together because obviously it doesnt work the way it should
Written on May 27, 2018
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