Running A Business Demystified

  • You can start a company without having to quit your job
  • Plan your runway : With __ revenue, savings could last me ___ months
  • Talk to potential customers. Make sure they are ready to pay for what you offer
  • Stealth mode - why not

Pre-launch checklist

  • sufficient runway (you have enough money to live and fund yourself)
  • customer validation - there a are potential clients and they will pay
  • you have naivety or courage to take that leap of faith

Programmer’s worst case : fail and get a new job

At what pae do you hire more developers? Are you a growth obsessed startup or do you constrain your rate of growth?

  • growth obsessed startups : throwing money at developer won’t improve the product. (mithycal man month)
  • growth for stability : you are fragile if a resignation or acquisition can kill you financially -> be cautiously opportunistic

Why did you start the company remote first? Any unexpected consequences?

  • to long commute if collocating. lose business hours. remote paire programming was viable tehnically
  • allow to be flexible
  • Collocation is a really hard barrier to entry
  • remote = autonomous by default Challenge for being remote
  • owe taxes in a lots of countries/states harder
  • employers regulations differents
  • bot cofee time : emails peopel random randomly
  • regroup 2 times a year : plan together next 6 month of the company
  • necessity for continuous positive reinforcement for some people

How do you find clients? What’s been the most successful source of lead generation?

  • cold calling/emailing/linkedin people is hard
  • meaningful relationships in your network (current / past / future colleagues)
  • use a lot of time for your network : Meetup, linkedin (keep up past co workers college friends, people might benefit from your product/services), when big enough tools to managing this stuff (pipedrive …)
  • Help, don’t sell. Blogging, social media, open source. find a way to help other. What can I do for you? Mindset of service to others.
  • Maintain contact - help relationships grow
  • do good work

Flywheel principle (Jim collins) Hard to get moving - Takes time to get to this point but now it has enough momentum : a lot of stuff is coming inbound

Test Double has a string and quirky brand. Did the brand develop organically or intentionally? How do you maintain it?

  • Brand for the job you want
Written on July 27, 2018
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