David Heinemeier Hanson Improving Learning

Power tips for learning

  • Asking the right questions to people that have figured it out
  • Having a purpose
  • Trying out things and keeping out what works
  • Learning just enough to get things done
  • Practice diligently and
  • Developing an eye for what you learn. When you get there it seems easy
    • it becomes sort of gut responses.
    • it is not a conscious process all the time
    • it happens at 2GHz
  • Flow state you are reaching for something at peak of your ability or little beyond
    • Residual flow you have still access of 95% of that achievement (still easy and seamly slow)
    • try to cut down of things that don’t produce flow. replace it with that have potential to
    • Nutrition
    • Workout schedule
    • Stoicism
      • negetive visualisation : imagine that the worst happens. How do I deal with that? Usually it is not so catastrophic. Reduces anxiety and stress.
  • big Reading habit
  • Don’t have milestones or goals. It sets you to diapoitment.
Written on July 29, 2018
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