Hacking Your Work Life Balance Jennifer Wadella

Balance Your Work / Your life / _Blank ( your passion)

Graph - unoptimized work life

Axe Y : Urgence Axe x : Importance Taille des ronds : effort requis




Eiseinhower chart: Urgent and important problems.

Urgent Not urgent
Important Quadrant of necessity
  • Pressing problems
  • Deadline-driven items
  • Crisis/emergencies
Quadrant of quality & personal leadership
  • Planning/preparation
  • Deadline-driven items
  • Self-improvement
Not important Quadrant of deception
  • Interruptions
  • Meetings
  • Emails
  • Requests
Quadrant of waste
  • TV
  • Social media
  • Reddit

Eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day

Mark Twain

Do the worst thing first.

What about creative workflow?

What about when I am being productive and I have that brillant Idea for open source?

Creative placeholder -> Trello Have ready to dump trello boards

Unforseen chaos - Murphy’s law

Nothing will ever be perfect. Shit is gonna happen. Ok I will handle it!

What can go wrong will go wrong

If we are in the state of mind that wrong will happen we may be able to go with the flow instead of being paralyzed

Home catastrophe. A highly important and urgent items appears. Others items are taking a back step (in urgency and energy)



Eliminate the need to remember dates for bills.

Huge relief. Not worry about


  • Create canned responses - gmail templates
  • Proof your work with Grammaly - Chrome/Safari extension
  • Set reminders for on slack notifications
  • create todos for yourself/team in slack
  • For everything else - IFFT, Emailpet, & Zapier

Automarket yourself

  • Use social media tools to manage your content

  • Set up google alerts for your name company


  • look into cleaning services
  • outsource lawncare projects
  • clean as you go
  • try a meal prep service - Blue Apron, Hello Fresh, Marley spoon
  • batch food preparation
  • Get the monotonous items (toilet paper,paper towels, garbage bags, dog food, cat litter) regularly shipped to you
  • menu planning - http://organizedhome.com/kitchen-tips/menu-planning-save-time-kitchen

Find balance

Get enough sleep

  • Recovery - this is when your immune systm releases compoounds called cytokine
  • Aids in hanger management
  • Improves memory - REM & slow wave sleep of sleep contribute to creative thinking, procedural memory, long-term memories, and memory processing

How to get enough sleep

  • Use a fitness tracker to monitor your sleep
  • Avoid stimulants and light before bed
  • No laptop / TV before bed
  • For help falling asleep try audiobooks (fiction & especially you have already heard a millions times before) , apps music, or white noise creators

Know your productive hours

The number of hours in a day isn’t the issue… it’s how many of those hours you feel productive doing

1 hour workout

it’s 4% of your day! no excuses!

Prioritize your health

Set an habit and be consistent for 3 month

Learning to say no

Remove toxic relationships

Do not set yourself on fire fire to keep somebody else warm

Turn off push notifications

Get the F*ck off social media

Deal with criticism

Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.

Give yourself a break

We can go all the damn time!

True self-care is not salt baths and chocolate cake, it is making a choice to build a life you don’t need to regularly escape from.

Brianna Wiest

We need to build something sustainable

Identify & minimize stressors

Ie. being early at the airport …

Use tools & processus

And figure out what works for you.

Hacking your worjk life balance is a process.

Everything on trello

Calendar hacks

  • if it exists, block it on your calendar
  • physically block out work hours for yourself
  • share calendars between family members
  • use reminders & todos
  • block off weeks around travel
  • Application Calendly

Get an accountability buddy

Friend with shared interests? Great! If not, create your own accountability buddy in slack - IFTTT recipe

Email hacks

  • snooze feature - inbox by google
  • Mixmax - email tracking , auitomation, templating
  • BoomerangGmail - snoozing , follow-up reminders for gmail
  • Unroll Me - declutter your inbox

Jennifer’s email hack

  • want a response? Always conclude with a call to action and deadline
  • format your dates to be easy to remember - Day of week, date time + timezone
  • Make your emails easy to read - use lists, call out important info, line breaks are your friends

Meal prep

  • save time
  • remove decision making need/willpower
  • save money
  • easy portion control

Jennifer’s mealprep hacks

  • Join the cult of the Instant Pot
  • Calculate your macros
  • Dump recipes in MyFitnessPal for easy calorie tracking
  • Freeze meals for when you know you won’t have time to mealprep (she makes EFBs)
  • Subscribe to r/MealPrepSunday

Errand hacks

  • avoid busy times
  • Run errands when parents will be pickup their kids

Train your brain to go into FOCUS MODE

  • use music - The new playlist for more productive work : Video Game Soundtracks
  • Remove distractions
  • Physically write down the things distracting you
  • clear your office & yout desktop


  • get yourself a hobby
  • have guilty pleasures (and don’t be guilty about them)
  • Plan things you look forward to
    • do things just for fun

Schedule your social life

  • Introverts - meaningful 1 on 1 on conversations
  • Extroverst - parties ,rec sports, group outings

Take your birthday off!

  • Celebrate yourself!
  • Do whatever you want!
Written on August 13, 2018
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