Using keepass2 with google sync plugin and Ubuntu 18.4

  • Prerequisite : having already create a kdbx database and synced it google drive from Windows 10
  • First install keepass 2
  • Then download the latest version of Google Sync plugin
  • Extraxt and copy GoogleSyncPlugin.plgx to /usr/lib/keepass2 side by side with Keepass.exe
  • Download log4net from
  • Extract and copy path_to_extracted_archive/log4net-2.0.8/bin/mono/4.0/release/log4net.dll to /usr/lib/keepass2 side by side with Keepass.exe
  • On windows 10 get System.ServiceModel.Web.dll from C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v4.0.30319\System.ServiceModel.Web.dll.
  • Copy System.ServiceModel.Web.dll to /usr/lib/keepass2 side by side with Keepass.exe
  • You can now run keepass2 and sync with google drive!
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